Dye sublimation is a digital printing process in which full-color images or designs are dyed right into the fabric of polyester or other synthetic fabric garment. The images are first printed onto transfer paper using special sublimation inks. Then, using a process involving a combination of heat and pressure, the inks are transformed from a solid into a gas and dyed into the molecules of the fabric rather than being layered on top of the fabric like a screen print. In many instances, the images are actually dyed into the fabric prior to them being cut and sewn giving your apparel a true professional look and feel. Since it is dyed into the molecules of the fabric, imaging on sublimated fabrics is supremely durable and can be washed and worn over and over again with no dulling or loss of image quality. Sublimation technology opens up nearly unlimited customization options and the ability to create almost anything your mind can imagine and allows special effects and graphics to be applied to your garment that cannot be achieved through screen print or embroidery.


One of the greatest benefits of dye sublimation is that it easily allows for “all over printing”, or printing on the entire garment versus smaller spot locations like screen printing. It is ideal, particularly in uniforms or spirit wear, for those wanting extensive customization to their garments such as multiple print locations, numerous colors in their design, or custom names and numbers added to their garments. In most instances it will end up being a big money saver too! Most sublimated garments are priced using a flat pricing structure, meaning your price is determined solely by the brand being used, the type of fabric selected, and the cut of the garment.